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We forget we’re

mostly water

till the rain falls

and every atom

in our body

starts to go home.

-Albert Huffstickler

Did you ever really notice the way the rain makes everything feel new?  Like the pavement, lawns, trees, even the air seems charged?  This is one of those things that just makes me smile in wonder, like a kid.  I’m not the kind of person who gets flipped out about the rain, either.  I’m happy to walk in the rain and just be, even without an umbrella. I’ve always been kind of mystified when I hear people complaining about a rainstorm because I’m just feeling recharged at those times.  I love the smell of hot streets in summer just after a rainstorm, or a forest floor after a good shower has come down.

After moving to Charleston, I realized there’s another kind of rain, too.  The kind that pours down in buckets and floods the streets within minutes.  Everything is just about sea level here in the Lowcountry, so the water is always just waiting to take over and have a little dance where it doesn’t belong.  We were downtown on a rainy morning when it literally started coming down by the gallon.  Mr. Coastal tried to bravely cross Meeting Street and ended up wading through knee deep water.  Yet another newbie experience!  Now we know better.  We wear shoes that won’t get completely wrecked in the water, and bring our umbrellas!

What do you all (I’m almost ready to start throwing out the “y’all’s”!) love about the rain?  There’s definitely some sparkle to it! 🙂

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