Charleston's Easter Bunny

Charleston’s Easter Bunny

An early morning walk in Charleston is never without reward.  Last week, spring really took off here and the lovely homes south of Broad Street were decorated with all of nature’s beauty.  Some homes took it the next step in celebration of our little bunny friend’s upcoming visit.  As I walked and snapped photos of one gorgeous garden after another, I came upon this little vignette on one of the garden gates.  Too adorable!

Easter Garden

Easter Garden

Garden Wall and Wisteria

Garden Wall and Wisteria

This is how our Coastal family spent our Easter.  The Hunt: where the two little Sparkles go wild chasing down Easter eggs filled with candy.  I was really touched this year to see that they both were actually leaving some for the other one as they tackled this.  Warmed my heart!  We had our breakfast of our decorated eggs and strawberry pancakes courtesy of Mr. Coastal.  We did some dedicated pj-time relaxing, as I am trying to incorporate this down time as part of our traditions now.  Then, off to the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park and Pier for a picnic.  This is such a great place to hang out with other families, and there is always a fantastic breeze thanks to the Wando and Cooper Rivers.  The little Sparkles got their playground on, we walked the pier, and we met some fantastic people who were playing Capoeira.  This is a Brazilian martial art and dance form, and Mr. Coastal is actually an instructor of Capoeira.  Me, not so much, but I do love it!  After our park time, we went out to Sullivan’s Island for my beach fix.  It was such a beautiful day, in the 70’s and we actually got to relax and recharge for the school week ahead.  Super grateful for that!  Hope y’all had a lovely Easter and got a little time for yourselves!


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