Between the Islands

Image 11     There’s this place between our two islands, Sullivan’s and Isle of Palms, where the tide rips through.  It’s a haven for shore birds and dolphins and the fish they like to eat.  There are little beaches on each side, a good breeze, and amazing views.  There are also riptides.  So no swimming, no wading, not at all.  Since we moved here, locals have cautioned us, don’t let your kids in the water at Breech Inlet.  I’m a safety geek, so the signs posted all over definitely gave me that message.  However, it is a beautiful spot for picnics, you can park a few steps from the sand, and you can find fantastic shells.

Image 24

These cuties stuck together on the wavy sand.

Here’s my plan for a fun morning at Breach Inlet.  Swing by the Harris Teeter on Isle of Palms.  Go on in and grab some grapes, bottles of water (rinse those grapes!), and some of the sweetly packaged almonds right in the produce section.  If you’re needing some green love, snag a bottle of one of the smoothies or green juices there, too.  Revel in the charm of the kind ladies at the register.  This is Charleston after all!  I still can’t get over all the “ma’am’s” and polite manners.  Stuff your goodies in your beach bag and head over to park at Breach Inlet on the Isle of Palms side (no cooler to lug, just drink that smoothie soon!).  Bring your towel, and get ready for some soothing waves and gentle breezes.  As you walk around the tip of the island toward the ocean, search for your favorite shell.  Or, if you’re like me, heck, fill your pockets with shells!  Find your spot to chill.  Eat some grapes, power up with almonds.  Bliss out to the sound of waves.  Marvel at the seagulls and try to spy the pods of dolphins catching their breakfast. Count yourself lucky to be on a beach this morning!

Image 13

View of Sullivan’s Island from Breach Inlet

Image 16 Image 17 Image 18


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