Most Romantic City


Now I get why they call Charleston one of the world’s most romantic cities in the world.  Driving down King Street tonight and around the Battery to Rainbow Row, windows down to let in the sultry ocean air, I could feel the romance for sure.  The gas lanterns look like candlelight on every porch, casting a beautiful glow on all of us.

I’ve always seen Charleston by daylight, in all its colorful glory.  Tonight was different, though.  It was the first day we have had this year with temperatures in the high 70s, and the whole night had this twinge of summer about it.  The sunset was booming orange and purple, with a cover of clouds coming down like someone pulling down the shades.  The night air after a warm day has this promise, the scent of summer, the hope of magical things to come.  It was just like this tonight.  The romance wasn’t just couples and date night romance, either.  I saw solo runners with beaming faces, little families pushing strollers, college girls decked out in heels.  All of them looked like life was this remarkable thing, and they were grateful to be a part of it.  Living, for real.  That’s romantic.


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