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We forget we’re

mostly water

till the rain falls

and every atom

in our body

starts to go home.

-Albert Huffstickler

Did you ever really notice the way the rain makes everything feel new?  Like the pavement, lawns, trees, even the air seems charged?  This is one of those things that just makes me smile in wonder, like a kid.  I’m not the kind of person who gets flipped out about the rain, either.  I’m happy to walk in the rain and just be, even without an umbrella. I’ve always been kind of mystified when I hear people complaining about a rainstorm because I’m just feeling recharged at those times.  I love the smell of hot streets in summer just after a rainstorm, or a forest floor after a good shower has come down.

After moving to Charleston, I realized there’s another kind of rain, too.  The kind that pours down in buckets and floods the streets within minutes.  Everything is just about sea level here in the Lowcountry, so the water is always just waiting to take over and have a little dance where it doesn’t belong.  We were downtown on a rainy morning when it literally started coming down by the gallon.  Mr. Coastal tried to bravely cross Meeting Street and ended up wading through knee deep water.  Yet another newbie experience!  Now we know better.  We wear shoes that won’t get completely wrecked in the water, and bring our umbrellas!

What do you all (I’m almost ready to start throwing out the “y’all’s”!) love about the rain?  There’s definitely some sparkle to it! 🙂

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Spring Weekend

Spring Roses

Spring Roses

Hello Darlins!  My lovely London sister was visiting last week, and we got to have some great sister bonding time.  This is my first spring here in Charleston, and as usual, I’m blown away by it all.  The trees are booming green, everyday is a beach day and I have never seen so many flowers blooming around me.  These beauty roses are just everywhere, and I snapped these particular ones in a Walgreens parking lot.  Really.  Just can’t get over it.  Even the parking lots are pretty here.

Some highlights from our week: walking the Ravenel Bridge, strolling the Isle of Palms beach from 25th Street, and lunch at Five Loaves Cafe.  When you are in Charleston, try, try, try to get in and do as the locals do, because that’s the good stuff.  I guess we could apply that to just about any destination.  That’s how I roll wherever I go, and I’m always grateful for the experience.  Just want to get in and learn all I can from the lovelies around me.  We went for some drinks at Stars Rooftop Bar & Grill, and that roof does not disappoint.  It was like a secret garden hideaway.  It didn’t hurt that the weather was just about perfect, too.  Then we meandered down King Street and ended up at Sermet’s for another cocktail.  It’s just so pretty in there, and the bartender knows her stuff.  I love the jazz and the sophisticated vibe.  It was one of those days where we were living our motto: live big, laugh loud and lead with your heart!

Rooftop Cocktails

Rooftop Cocktails

Now my sis has gotten back to London where she is living the glamourous life.  I miss her like crazy, and can’t wait for her to come back and see us.  I’m already making a list of where I want to take her.  I’m just going to keep exploring this wonderland, and I’ll keep you posted on the gems I find!

Until next time,

Aimee xo

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Isle of Palms Beach



Charleston's Easter Bunny

Charleston’s Easter Bunny

An early morning walk in Charleston is never without reward.  Last week, spring really took off here and the lovely homes south of Broad Street were decorated with all of nature’s beauty.  Some homes took it the next step in celebration of our little bunny friend’s upcoming visit.  As I walked and snapped photos of one gorgeous garden after another, I came upon this little vignette on one of the garden gates.  Too adorable!

Easter Garden

Easter Garden

Garden Wall and Wisteria

Garden Wall and Wisteria

This is how our Coastal family spent our Easter.  The Hunt: where the two little Sparkles go wild chasing down Easter eggs filled with candy.  I was really touched this year to see that they both were actually leaving some for the other one as they tackled this.  Warmed my heart!  We had our breakfast of our decorated eggs and strawberry pancakes courtesy of Mr. Coastal.  We did some dedicated pj-time relaxing, as I am trying to incorporate this down time as part of our traditions now.  Then, off to the Mount Pleasant Waterfront Park and Pier for a picnic.  This is such a great place to hang out with other families, and there is always a fantastic breeze thanks to the Wando and Cooper Rivers.  The little Sparkles got their playground on, we walked the pier, and we met some fantastic people who were playing Capoeira.  This is a Brazilian martial art and dance form, and Mr. Coastal is actually an instructor of Capoeira.  Me, not so much, but I do love it!  After our park time, we went out to Sullivan’s Island for my beach fix.  It was such a beautiful day, in the 70’s and we actually got to relax and recharge for the school week ahead.  Super grateful for that!  Hope y’all had a lovely Easter and got a little time for yourselves!

Between the Islands

Image 11     There’s this place between our two islands, Sullivan’s and Isle of Palms, where the tide rips through.  It’s a haven for shore birds and dolphins and the fish they like to eat.  There are little beaches on each side, a good breeze, and amazing views.  There are also riptides.  So no swimming, no wading, not at all.  Since we moved here, locals have cautioned us, don’t let your kids in the water at Breech Inlet.  I’m a safety geek, so the signs posted all over definitely gave me that message.  However, it is a beautiful spot for picnics, you can park a few steps from the sand, and you can find fantastic shells. Continue reading

Some Spring


Just planted these pretties yesterday with my little one.  We wanted a little bit of spring right by our door, and there we go!  It has been so warm and just truly amazing outside this week.  It has been in the 70s, with lots of sun and birds and turtles all around.  All the critters are out, sunning themselves on rocks to get the best of the day.  This week I’ve seen tiny little lizards with blue tails, a pair of mallards and a family of turtles in our pond, all kinds of birds including cardinals and herons, and adorable frogs with long legs.  We just got our delivery of our patio furniture, and it is so nice to just hang out on our porch in our patch of sun.  Today honestly felt a bit like a vacation with all that sun and a soft place to curl up.  This must be what our pond turtles feel like on their rocks!

All of it makes me just want to throw the windows and doors open and burst into song like Maria in The Sound of Music.  I’m constantly humming songs from that movie lately (thanks Lady Gaga!) and this spring justly deserves such recognition.  But our hills (dunes- this is the Lowcountry!) are alive with the sound of crickets and peepers!

Most Romantic City


Now I get why they call Charleston one of the world’s most romantic cities in the world.  Driving down King Street tonight and around the Battery to Rainbow Row, windows down to let in the sultry ocean air, I could feel the romance for sure.  The gas lanterns look like candlelight on every porch, casting a beautiful glow on all of us.

I’ve always seen Charleston by daylight, in all its colorful glory.  Tonight was different, though.  It was the first day we have had this year with temperatures in the high 70s, and the whole night had this twinge of summer about it.  The sunset was booming orange and purple, with a cover of clouds coming down like someone pulling down the shades.  The night air after a warm day has this promise, the scent of summer, the hope of magical things to come.  It was just like this tonight.  The romance wasn’t just couples and date night romance, either.  I saw solo runners with beaming faces, little families pushing strollers, college girls decked out in heels.  All of them looked like life was this remarkable thing, and they were grateful to be a part of it.  Living, for real.  That’s romantic.